Free Press Release Distribution Services

Building your business, and brand, online can make or break a business.  But it can come with a price tag.

The only problem is that online promotion can come with a high price tag.

Don’t worry, we’re going to cut you a break – but just this once!

With the help of our One-time Free Press Release Distribution Services you can push your name further.

Free Press Release Benefits & Advantages

Instant Media Coverage & Branding

Since the onset of advertising the go-to for instant media coverage has always been a press release.

A great release will get your brand and business instant media coverage, online release go a bit further.


Advertising, more often than not, can be short lived.

Free Press Release Services from PressBomb will instantly push your news to 10 press release sites or more!

And they’re 100% permanent.

It’s Affordable

Advertising in general can eat up a substantial portion of a businesses budget.

Building a your online reputation has never been more affordable.

New Traffic

Sure, you’ve been in business a while, or maybe, you’re just getting started …

Either way, you need more traffic, more leads, and MORE potential customers.

If you want to get your business in front of new eyes then a press release is in store.

SEO Benefits

Naturally, a press release has SEO benefits, when done right.

By releasing and pushing 100% original content you’re adding VALUE to the internet in its entirety – which search engines love.

Linking to your site, other peoples websites and other authority blogs you associate yourself with legitimate businesses.

This builds trust, authority and SEO power to your online advertising campaign.

Free Press Release Distribution Services Include

Our One-time Free Press Release Distribution will give your business the boost it needs!

Here’s all you need to do …

  1. Submit your 100% Original Content
  2. Wait Up-To 48hrs for Approval

Once Approved …

  1. Post our “Press Announcement” on your Blog
  2. Your PressBomb will hit 10 Press Release sites!